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Defining Fashion

Women in this day and age have to juggle their time between all their responsibilities, their job, and dressing well while they do it. And mind you, this is no easy task. A very important aspect of today’s corporate culture is that if you want a part, you have to dress the part! And that is something women today have realized and are very conscious about.

So here I am, just for you, with five amazing tips that will give you just the wardrobe upgrades you need:

1. Keep it Chic: One of the most important mantras of corporate life is dressing it up, but we don’t want you to go about it all wrong. When dressing for your office, remember to keep it chic! What do I mean by that, you ask? Well, don’t go for colors that are way too bright like any shades of neon. Choose outfits that are not too fitted or too loose. Keeping in line with that, put on make up that is subtle, and keep all the colors close to neutral. While you want to dress and look well, you also don’t want to look overdressed for your job. So, keep these tips in mind for that.

2Make Neutrals Your Best FriendStack your wardrobe with neutrals. Shades like mauve, salmon, coral and beige wont just add a very chic and subtle vibe to your make up kit, but these colors look amazing on clothes too! Get some well fitted dresses and tops, and pair them up with minimal jewellery for the everyday office look that you want.

3. Black Pumps All the Way : This one is an oldie but a goodie! Keep at least a couple of good and comfortable black pumps. This ensures that even a formal, average outfit looks extremely chic and office ready. This is such a good way to amp up any formal outfit without overdoing it.

4. Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize: Yes, this really is a wonderful way to add a little bit of flare to your outfit. You can add jewellery of both, traditional Indian and minimalistic/western type. The wonderful thing about accessories is that you can count on them to change your entire look, in the best possible way. I suggest that you look at some mirror work jewellery or go for rusted metals. You can also go for some sleek metallic neckpieces, or if you like colors, get some chunky pieces. But do be careful in pairing them with outfits. Keep your outfit subtle if you want to add chunky jewellery.

5. Add a Little Jazz to Your Wardrobe: There are days when you want a little extra in your outfit! And this just for those kinds of days. Don’t worry, I won’t suggest you wear fur (yet!). What I would recommend is… keep it formal and chic but add little details that will accentuate your look. Some good ideas would be to get a pencil fit lace dress in one of the darker shades. You could also add a satin blouse. 

So, here are the tips I would recommend you take up and change the way you dress for your office. And do not forget to wear things you love. Because that is absolutely the most important part of dressing up. You do you, girl!

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