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Why you should buy these must-have rock-star earrings. This season we shed light on one of fashion’s best kept color-coded earrings. We all don’t live for fashion, we GASP for it!

Enamour yourself with a time caught up in the fantasy of luscious - hypnotic - stoned - bedazzled - shiny earrings; how you could use it to be whomever you wanted to be, even if just for an evening.

No doubt you might have an incredible collection but to get on the list and bounce down the street each morning based on what you are wearing will perhaps give you the most fashion-y titles at your workplace!

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Party season is drawing closer and your journal is going to top off – quick – which implies that it's a great opportunity to put in a little ornamental accessory wardrobe prep. When you're going straight from the workplace to wine and dine, you require strikingly ultra-sparkly pieces that go with your attire effectively.

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Happily, DivaStyleFile is here to make your choices less demanding this time around. Striking the ideal harmony between Indian diversity and the Parisian-chic in you, there's something here for everybody, ensuring that, with regard to the most attractive vintage pieces this festive season, there's no competition for you. Go-on and shop now these cart-worthy pieces!

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