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TRIPLE NINE RULES | first-hand reverie inferences from nine to wine

This monsoon season we're delivering items that you have to have this season. Spending outgoings at DivaStyleFile has all the key 9 to 5 pieces that will kick-start your workweek wardrobe!

There’s a movement sparkling away whether we see how our young millennia’s are emerging from small towns and thriving forward to wear what’s delicate and elusive. There’s a breakaway from convention, a new androgynous look is blurring lines between fledgling working women of subtle hues have become a proclamation as is now the easiest way to go from 9 to 5 to after-hours mode.

On days when simply you can’t decide which accessory will go, go for unbiased hues of silver and black, these simplest yet chic pieces are good to go for regular workdays. We bet you didn’t know that the cyber city has a game mode on, how you want to play it, is up to you. As we’re all set to get this three-piece rule. Are you?

We Love Love Love this go-to fashion fix for our daily looks. Effortless yet casual – all at the same time. There’s one clear trend and is just a matter of how you want to choose to style it, we leave that to you.

Embrace this sass-queen ring style sweet cut – it’s the superhero fashion piece and will be your favourite work-to-go must-have, to dress up your fingers.

Experiment with texture – it’ll add character to your look. An edge to basic tee-top and jeans outfit by throwing on this galaxy-look alike piece is perfect for that go-to weekday look. It has the power to upgrade the simplest outfits.

The level of opaqueness perfectly solves the riddle and makes you look gorgeously statuesque. From morning meetings to evening dinner we all want to sport the latest light-weight trends.

Indulge in some unbiased cipher oomph’s this monsoon season. Snag these limited fashionable pieces and get a surprise gift. Hurry and order now. Free Delivery on an order of or above INR 1500.

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