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Working Wardrobe - Today's Style !

What are the best work essentials for work? What are the best building blocks of a great working wardrobe?  Years after year we have noticed, in the course of our regular working life that we mostly prefer the greatest hits for Corporate Wear like  - dresses and Skirts and other basics that are highly rated, reappear year after year, and seem to work for a different sizes and shapes. 

 Let's discuss some of the most essentials for work wardrobe for a new job (or a job change).These “greatest hits” would be a great place to start building your workwear wardrobe- because they are wardrobe essential for work.

 1. Wardrobe Essentials for Work: classic Pumps: A classic pumps is a great way to get a sleek, and professional look with so many different outfits. Colorwise, you can do a lot with black, gray and brown. Overall a black plumps is always a safe option for versatility. A flat plump is always a long lasting thing for a working women. It makes the day easy and comfortable.   

2. Stylish Sheath Dresses for Work: A sheath dress is a must for the conservative office- it’s a great structure, tailored piece that anyone can dress up or down with a blazer.  Black even makes the women look thin and gives a proper shape to the body. No matter it is day meeting or a Night meeting Black Sheath Dress never disappoints a working women style.
3. Easy Washable Formal Pants: There are always going to be great dry clean pants that we usually find in Malls and branded stores. These pants could be a part of a suiting set or by themselves. Not that easy to maintain these dry clean pants, the machine washable pants are always a safe and best option for work.
4. Crisp Button - front Blouses for Work: A crisp women’s dress shirt is a great layering piece for beneath a blazer, a sweater, or more. If you find that buttons downs don’t work with your bust, but you still want to wear them, do check out crist button front blouse.

 5. Professional Tote bags: A work tote is a must if you are interviewing - you need something big enough to hold a folder with your resume, light enough that you don’t mind lugging it around, and durable enough that you won’t cry if it gets rained on. A Black Tote bag is all time favorite for all the working women and which gels up with all the kind of formal they wish to wear.

 Keep these five most important things in your mind and you are just good to go for your office look.

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